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Indian , Kerala (Nayar (Nair) caste)
"Nandaka" (sword of Vishnu)
possibly 17th century
steel, silver, and iron
76.2 × 63.5 × 12 cm (30 × 25 × 4 3/4 in.), 1 lb, 14 oz (weight)
The John Woodman Higgins Armory Collection
Currently off view
Classification: Arms and Armor
Department: Arms and Armor
Description: Single edged, unsharpened blade with right angle curve 3/4 down from hilt which straightens, becoming parallel to beginning of blade for last 4", gradually tapering to point. Double reinforcing plates with fluted edges on both sides near hilt, riveted to blade. 4 evenly spaced holes along "cutting edge", in 2 of them there remains small silver bells, originally there was probably 1 for each hole. All-steel hilt with flattened leaf-shaped crossguard, straight grip with shallow discoid pommel & elongated thimble button. The bells are of silver and very finely made, with almost imperceptible roping at the mouth--they are probably made by a jeweler who produced ankle bells.

The information provided on this work may change as the result of ongoing research.